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Hutch Build Quality
All of our hutches and runs are made by our own staff in our workshop in North Wales.  The hutches are all handmade rather than machine manufactured which ensures quality and also means we can make any adjustments you would like to your hutch easily. This takes a little longer than machine manufactured but means your hutch or run will be of a much higher standard and last longer. 

Hutches are built on a 25mm x 38mm frame fitted with 12mm cladding giving panel thickness of 37mm. The wood we use is responsibly sourced pine. All structural joints are screwed and the cladding is both stapled and glued using a high performance all weather adhesive. This creates a tight bond that cannot be separated.  The bolts used are barrel bolts which are 100mm long, this is far larger and stronger than you would see on most other hutches(especially those in pet shops) this makes them both easier to use and give better protection from predators. Please note our bolts are black not silver as shown in example. 

 Our hinges are heavy duty hinges 75mm again to increase longevity of your hutch and security of your rabbit. Please note our hinges are black not silver as shown in example.

The mesh used is 19 gauge galvanised and welded mesh with 1" x 1.5" holes. If you require a stronger mesh still for larger animals then please contact us for a quote.

Preservative and Hutch Care

All of our hutches are offered with an option to be completely protected with animal friendly wood preservative (or left natural to be painted with a preservative of your choice). If the preservative option is chosen each piece of wood is individually dipped in preservative to ensure that all the wood is completely protected. We recommend you re-proof your hutch with animal friendly preservative periodically. We now offer Rainbow preservative so the option to have your hutch painted with Cuprinol garden shades. This allows you to add some colour to your rabbits accommodation and this preservative lasts longer than our standard preservative.

All hutches are guaranteed for twelve months for manufacturing issues. If a problem arises after that please do contact us and we will try our best to rectify it. 

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