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About us

We are a UK based hutch manufacturing company producing small animal housing with animal welfare at our core. Similar to organisations such as the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) and the RSPCA, we are working to achieve better welfare for rabbits who are often the forgotten pet and the ones most likely to be neglected.

We do this by supplying products that are high quality,safe and practical but more importantly suitable for rabbits and ensuring that their welfare needs are met. We fully support the Rabbit Welfare Association 'A hutch is not enough' campaign and encourage all rabbit owners to make sure their rabbit has access to a run or secure area in which to exercise and show natural behaviours. Our pipe connector kits were designed with this in mind.


 Why choose us?

We design and build high quality rabbit and small pet housing, which if looked after, will last for the lifetime of your pet. The owners of the Welfare Hutch Company keep rabbits themselves and understand that purchasing a hutch is not just about what it looks like but also about keeping your pets safe and secure and able to meet all of their welfare and behavioural needs.  We have designed the hutches based on experience of what is easy to live with, look after and keep clean. Access and ease of use have been a priority and we have trialled many different models.


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7ft x 2ft Single Hutch
7ft x 3ft Single Hutch
8ft x 6.5ft run 3ft high
A Pipe connector kit
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Hen Efail Farm, Brynsiencyn, Anglesey, LL61 6SX, United Kingdom