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Why adopt a Rabbit?

Rescue Centres are overflowing with unwanted and discarded rabbits there was an estimated 33,000 rabbits in rescue in 2013. There is only so much they can do without your help. Purchasing rabbits from a pet store or breeder only adds to the problem. Sadly, even rescuing from a pet store simply encourages them to order more from a breeder. Find out more about adopting a rabbit from the following rescue centres.

Rabbit Residence Rescue Centre: The Rabbit Residence Rescue Centre
Contact: Amy at  rabbit_residence@hotmail.com  

The Rabbit Residence Rescue, based in Hertfordshire, takes in, rehabilitates and rehomes abandoned and unwanted rabbits. Run by a dedicated team of volunteers, they provide the best possible care to over 200 rabbits and encourage others to do the same. All of the rabbits are neutered/spayed and vaccinated before going to new homes. They have strong rehoming criteria to encourage owners to provide the best possible environment meeting Rabbit Welfare Association recommendations. Leaflets and a handbook are provided to support adopters. With a non-euthanasia policy they never have a rabbit with quality of life put to sleep.

Blue Cross Rescue Centre: The Blue Cross Animal Charity
Contact: Katie Stiles at  Burford@bluecross.org.uk  

Blue Cross has been dedicated to helping poorly, injured and abandoned pets for over 100 years. We opened the world’s first animal hospital in 1906 and since then our doors have never closed to sick and homeless animals. With your help, they never will. 

Last year we cared for 305 unwanted rabbits and 338 other small pets, like guinea pigs and chinchillas. Our Burford rehoming centre in Oxfordshire was opened in 1990 and finds happy homes for hundreds of dogs, cats, horses, and small pets every year. 

We don’t have any fixed rules about what makes the “perfect home”. Instead, our tailor-made rehoming service looks at each case individually and matches people to the right pet for them and their lifestyle. If you’d like to give a home to a rescue pet, we’ll do all we can to help.

Rescue Centre: North Clwyd Animal Rescue
North Clwyd is a registered charity and has been established since 1978 looking after over 1600 animals a year and rhave ehomed many animals including rabbits in that time. All rabbits should be housed in 6 foot minimum hutches and all rabbits are rehomed in pair or individually if needed to bond with another rabbit and all are neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

If you run a rabbit rescue and would like to feature on this page please contact use here


Rabbit Rescue North West (Mopsy’s Trust)

Rabbit Rescue NW was founded by Anna, Helen and Katy. We have all worked alongside the RSPCA and realised there was an urgent need for a rabbit rescue in the north west. Bunnies are the third most popular pet in Britain but are also a very neglected and often misunderstood pet. They are a highly intelligent and sociable animal, who need daily exercise and mental stimulation. Our aim is to help bunnies in need to find loving forever homes. All bunnies will be neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

http://rabbitrescuenorthwest.weebly.com/   rabbitrescuenw@yahoo.co.uk




Anim-Mates rescues, cares for and rehomes unwanted and abandoned animals of all shapes, sizes, and ages in northwest Kent and southeast London.




Danahar Animal home

The Danaher Animal Home is an independent charity which is affiliated to and works closely with the RSPCA but is Entirely Self Funding

 How we help

The Home takes in unwanted animals (principally dogs, cats and small domestic animals) from the Braintree Dog Warden and via the RSPCA branches and animal homes in London where demand always exceeds capacity. We do not take animals from the public.



Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care is a registered Scottish Charity (#SC402706) founded by husband & wife team David & Feona Bell.

FBRC were the first rabbit dedicated charity in Scotland, gaining charity status in Nov 2011, and are now the only rabbit dedicated rescue charity operating in the area.

We now have over 35 foster carers (a growing number), covering around 7 local authority areas throughout central Scotland.

As well as the rescue we have a very active education & awareness programme, and an additional team of volunteers help manage fundraising & awareness events where we attend local galas, community and agricultural shows, etc. At our events we have rabbits for handling which gives us an opportunity to talk about rabbit welfare and we run various fundraising activities.



Auntyanimal Small Animal Fostering and Rescue

Contact:  info@auntyanimal.me.uk

 Auntyanimal Rescue takes in a variety of unwanted or abandoned animals, rehabilitating and caring for them until the right loving forever home can be found.  Concentrating mostly on the smalls - CHIPMUNKS - CHINCHILLAS - DEGUS - GERBILS - GUINEA PIGS - HAMSTERS - MICE - RABBITS - Etc.....  strict criterior is used in their rehoming process to find the right home and to ensure that each animal is given the best chance of happiness.  Matching pets to a particular home and lifestyle is important.

 All rabbits are vaccinated and neutered before being rehomed and a bonding service is offered for single animals looking for a suitable partner.  After any animal is adopted, Auntyanimal Rescue continues to retain an interest in the animal and its welfare for the rest of its life.



Yorkshire Rabbit Retreat

Our rabbits are all spayed and neutered prior to re homing and we do ask a £45 adoption fee to cover this and help us carry on what we do. If you are considering getting a bunny from a pet shop or breeder please also remember rescue bunnies have a clean bill of health have already been neutered and bonded so no need to worry about the risk of anaesthetic or fighting etc. Pet shop bunnies are often mix sexed causing unwanted litters, have unexpected problems including teeth malocclusion.

We wont re home our rabbits for them to live alone, although there is the odd occasion where we have rabbits who do prefer their own company.



The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue

The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue is a small, dedicated rescue run by experienced owners Helen Chadwick, Mandy Woodcock and Sarah MGarry.

We just love Guinea Pigs and do everything we can to promote their happiness, welfare and encourage responsible pet ownership, by offering first class advice and support to owners. All advice is based on our own experiences and supported by a Guinea Pig vet.We are based in Kidsgrove near Stoke on Trent "The Potteries" and are ideally placed for re-homing to a wide area.



Cuddly critters small animal re homing

Cuddly critters is a non profit rescue and rehoming organisation, that take in, rescues and rehomes small animals such as rabbits, guinea-pigs, mice, hamster. ferrets, birds and various other small animals.

Cuddly critters was formed by Kerry to help care for unwanted animals until they can find there loving forever home.  With the help from sharon and steve with the transporting and many other things.

The rescue is run from a home enviroment were animals can be themselves and relax until there new homes come along.



The Society for Abandoned Animals

The Society for Abandoned Animals is a local animal charity based in Manchester. We care for and re-home unwanted cats, dogs and rabbits and would never allow a healthy animal to be put down. Before adoption, all our animals are given a full health check, vaccinated, neutered and our cats, dogs and rabbits are micro-chipped.

Many of our animals have not had the best start in life and are in need of support from their new families. To ensure they get this it is our policy to carry out home checks on all potential new homes prior to adoption. In this way we hope to provide the most suitable homes for our animals and give them the best possible chance of finding their new forever families.



T.A.G. Pet Rescue

T.A.G. Pet Rescue tries to rehome unwanted pets looking for new homes in Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and the surrounding areas.  Our animal sanctuary is based at Lydden Farm, Valley Rd, Margate Kent CT9 4LF Telephone 01843 822931  Our Registered charity number  is 1110837

If you would like any further information about the work of TAG, please send us an email: tagpet@btinternet.com


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