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A Pipe connector kit
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It is recommended by RWAF that rabbits have constant access to both their hutch and run, allowing exercise and behavioral needs to be met but also allowing your rabbit to access its hutch if it felt insecure or the weather is bad.You can connect your existing hutch, shed or run together using our solid and sturdy Pipe Connector kits. See how these are fitted on the short video here

This pipe connector kit provides you with a choice of connectors s to allow you to connect between a hutch/shed and run, between two runs or between two hutch/sheds.

*Please note our pipe connector kits are now made out of black plastic to increase strength and durability (not wood as pictured)

By using our supplied template and instructions, simply create an aperture in the mesh or cladding by cutting out a square and bolt the pipe connector to your run or hutch door using the supplied bolts and washers.

All you need to do then is choose the size of the pipe you need to make your set up complete(pipes sold separately). The pipe simply fits in the hole and the connector locks on to it all the way round the pipe, ensuring that it is secure. Disconnecting the pipe and reattaching it is simple, it only take a couple of turns of two wing nuts and it's done. 

If you would like to remove the pipe and block the hole, please look at our 'solid door stop'. This can be used to cover the hole when the pipe is being removed or cleaned.

The pipe has a diameter of 160mm (6'' approx). This should be suitable for small to medium sized rabbits.

This connector should also fit most other 6'' corrugated pipes on the market. If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch.

The pipe connector is protected with animal friendly preservative and weather proofed for the first year. It is recommended that additional weatherproofing should be applied after the first year to keep the product in good condition. Please see our product care section.

Pack Contents

2 x connector plates (for either end of pipe)
8 x stainless steel bolts, washers and wing nuts
Pipe (size selected when ordering)


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Marianne Hardiker
- 21/09/2016
5 product stars

Received my pipe connector kit today and have attached it between the hutch and run. It was a little bit fiddly to connect but would have been easier with someone to help. The bunnies love it and were trying to get down it before I'd even finished attaching it. It seems very secure, and will allow me to move the run around a bit in the garden. Great product.

- 15/02/2016
5 product stars

The pipes and connectors were excellent quality and a good price. Really easy to fit and my rabbits love the tubes. Thanks!

- 05/12/2015
2 product stars

I'm all for supporting animal welfare, but stealing another companies business idea is a low blow. Although your hutches and runs seem very good quality and standards, I simply cannot acknowledge your company as somewhere I would shop simply due to the fact that you have stolen this idea.

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