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Cladding Connector
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Connect your hutch or shed to a run using our solid and sturdy Pipe Connector.

*Please note our pipe connector plates are now made of black plastic rather than wood. This makes them more durable and discourages rabbits nibbling!

This pipe connector will allow you to connect a 6'' corrugated pipe, to the cladded side of a hutch or shed.

By using our supplied template and instructions, simply create an aperture in the cladding by cutting out a square and bolt the pipe connector to your shed or hutch using the supplied bolts and washers.

The pipe simply fits in the hole and the connector locks on to it all the way round the pipe, ensuring that it is secure. Disconnecting the pipe and reattaching it is simple, it only take a couple of turns of two wing nuts and it's done. 

If you would like to remove the pipe and block the hole, please look at our 'solid door stop'. This can be used to cover the hole when the pipe is being removed or cleaned.

The pipe has an internal diameter of 140mm (5.5'' approx) and an external diameter of 160mm (6'' approx). This should be suitable for small to medium sized rabbits.

 If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch.

Pack Contents

1 x connector plates
4 x stainless steel bolts, washers and wing nuts


Delivery  time is currently 5- 7working days


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marion fergusson
- 26/04/2014
5 product stars

quick delivery! thanks for the cladding connectors and piping, looking forward to setting it all up and seeing the bunnies roam about themselves!

The Rabbit Crossing
- 19/03/2014
5 product stars

Here at my rescue I have a moderately sized garden but have managed to fit a lot of bunny housing into it. Not by using hutch blocks but by using wendy houses situated in flowerbeds and on stilts on ground that cannot easily be leveled. One of the wendy houses needed an extension but due to its location could not have your normal attached run. By using a welfare hutch pipe and connector kit, I was able to add another 6ft hutch to the wendy house with a simple 2ft pipe, curving round a 90 degree angle. The nethie and mini lop occupants took to the pipe immediately and spend all day rushing up and down it. It's enabled me to give them more room out of an unusuable space. I fitted the pipe and connectors myself and found it very easy to do. The fitting is incredibly robust and I trust it 100% to be safe and secure. I am about to place another order I'm that pleased! Thank you to the folks at WHC for enabling me to offer the permanent and temporary residents here some fun but best of all, more space.

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